Flight Simulation Project
Generic Cockpit


Triggered by some experience as a child (I had the opportunity in the 1970s to fly a fixed base simulator for General Aviation in a shopping mall) the virus of flight simulation is raised.
After many year of flying different simulation "games" on different kind of computers, I decided to start building my own cockpit.
It needed futher several years to find the answer, what kind of simulator and how big I should it build.

Then I found some useful information on the Internet and started to build a generic single seat fighter cockpit based on Akers-Barnes Cockpit Mk 1. This project is also called phase one and took several years to get the right touch.

Based on the experience I made with phase one, I started to enhance and rebuild the cockpit to a generic dual seat cockpit. this time it should look more like a modern General Aviation VFR cockpit.

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